Quail Care

The white coturnix quail are doing well, enjoying the outdoor life.

 The past few weeks have been very interesting, what with learning how to keep and look after quail. A special quail house with an outdoor run has been built to house the tiny birds, and they seem to be thriving in it. Access to outdoor browsing and feeding is important for most game and poultry species, but it took the quail a few days to get used to grass, sunlight and soil after a lifetime spent indoors. They are let out first thing in the morning and return to their indoor quarters just before dark at night.

The quail are still being fed on chick crumbs, although they do seem to browse quite happily the grass, lifting up seeds and bits of this and that. It is sure to be a healthier environment for them than the cages of mass produced birds.

So far, the supply of eggs has dwindled into nothing, but we hope that over the next few weeks, the new diet and fresh air should get them back into the mood.