Nest Boxes

Nest boxes are vital for anyone looking to rear chickens with the main aim of collecting eggs. There are many choices when it comes to nest boxes but traditional ones can yield poor results with hens getting at the eggs first, wasting the gather’s time through the hunt for eggs or the cleaning of the box itself. Wooden nest boxes can be very susceptible to red mites who may prey on laying hens. Solway Feeder’s nest boxes, which come in a variety of sizes eliminate these problems through a number of clever design features.

To protect the eggs once they have been laid and to make collection easy; the nest boxes are equipped with a front rollout floor. Any eggs laid roll to a rest in the covered collection tray ready to be picked up. This means the hens cannot damage or foul any eggs once they have been laid. As eggs all go to the one place; there’s no hunting for the gatherer which makes the process quick and easy. Need to block access to a nest? The box’s perches can be folded back to do just this.

To help protect against red mite and other infestations; Solway Feeders nest boxes are made from galvanised steel and plastic. Red mites can cause chickens to stop laying, anaemia and even deaths in a flock. These and other parasites find their way into cracks and crevices of traditional wooden constructs and can be detrimental to a flock. Both the galvanised steel and plastic constructs leave barely any room for red mites to set up shop. As both the plastic and steel designs are very solid; the nest boxes are ideal for pressure washing and, as such, allows for more thorough cleaning and disinfection.

The nest boxes are ideal for chickens to lay in but they are not appropriate for roosting. Constructed with practicality in mind; the Solway nest box, in many sizes (supporting roughly 8 chickens per hole), is a great edition to any small holding or poultry pen.