Modular Nipple System

A Pheasant Chick Making Good Use of a Solway Modular Nipple Drinker

Of our many new products for 2012, we are particularly pleased with the Solway Modular Nipple System, a versatile and adaptable method of watering medium to large numbers of birds. Supplied with three nipple sections (housing six nipples in total), a level tube and a pressure regulator, the modular nipple system has a variety of accessories which allows you to build a system to suit you, and the fact that corner pieces are also available means that they can be made in a variety of shapes to fit any shed or brooder enclosure.

The yellow tubes are easy to maintain and can be suspended at any height to suit your requirements. Removable drip cups prevent spillages onto sawdust or cardboard flooring, and it's easy to fit these as and when they are needed.

The nipples are 180 degree style, offering a free and easy flow of water with every peck.

The feedback we've had on the Solway Modular Nipple System has been very positive, so please call or email us for more information if you are interested.