Maintaining Electric Fences

It is important to strim the grass beneath all electric fences as part of your regular maintenance routine.

We've been using battery powered electric fence energisers on our partridge pen because it's so far away from a mains power source that a lead out cable just isn't a reasonable option. Battery powered electric fence energisers are great, but you do need to be careful to avoid wasting power. A battery can go flat very quickly if it isn't correctly insulated, and any short circuits or drains can reduce the power in no time at all.

Our partridge pen is a temporary affair made out of pre-assembled panels, and the electric fence has been built out of Pigtail Outriggers. These insulators are designed to hold a current without wasting anything, but with grass and rushes growing up through the polywire, the electric circuit is vulnerable to leaks and wastage. If a single blade of grass touches the polywire, the electric current will be diverted and valuable power will be drained away.

For temporary electric fences, it's a good idea to swipe all grass from underneath the line of the wire before setting up the fence, and we also recommend that you swipe periodically under longer term fences to keep on top of fresh growth. It may seem like a lot of hastle for the sake of a few blades of grass, but the extension in battery life more than repays the effort.