Lamping Foxes

The Cluson Screenlite kit is great for lamping foxes from a vehicle.

With the shortest day of the year fast approaching, it will soon be time for foxes to start their annual breeding cycle. Vixens will be screaming at night and dog foxes will be wandering far and wide in search of a mate, so now is a good time to get on top of these animals before they settle down and start to think about having cubs in the spring.

We sell a huge variety of fox control equipment, from lamps and torches to snares and traps, and we are trying and testing new products all the time. One of the best gadgets available for the fox controller has to be the Screenlite Kit, which allows a single lamper to search for foxes at night from the comfort of their land rover or 4x4. Unlike traditional car lamping kits, no drilling or professional installation is required, since the kit works using a simple suction cup.

A fully rotational ball socket gives three hundred and sixty degree turning capacity, and it is easy to reach out of your open window to control the beam. Once you have found your fox, the clamp holds the lamp securely in place while you take aim and fire. The Cluson Screenlite kit is a great alternative to roof mounted lamps, and the fact that it can be set up and removed in a matter of seconds makes it far more convenient, without the danger of drips of leaks through permanently mounted torch holes.