Ladder Trap

The new Solway Feeders ladder trap, soon to be added to the website.

We've been working on the new Solway Feeders catalogue over the past few days, and we've added a number of new products for 2012. One of our newest products is the Solway Ladder Trap, our own version of the traditional crow trap (also known as a letterbox trap) which has been used across the country for the past century.

Unlike Larsen traps, letterbox traps don't use springs or any moving parts to catch birds. They depend on the same principle used in lobster pots, which allows birds in from outside but doesn't let them out from inside. The birds pop down through the ladder and then find that they can't physically fly vertically back up through it.

Letterbox traps work best with a live decoy, and they have an advantage over traditional larsen traps because they can catch dozens of crows in one setting.