A Guide to Chicken Breeds: Plymouth Rocks

Plymouth Rock’s are one of the most popular chicken breeds among smallholders and it’s easy to see why. The breed hails from America and was first introduced to the world in the early 19th century. They have become well know as not only a reliable layer but also as a great addition to any flock, family or home.

Plymouth Rocks are a fairly large and unique looking breed which weighs in at around 3 to 4kg depending on the sex and variety. They are also fantastic layers; they lay up to 4 large brownish pink eggs every week. They are also a tough breed; they adapt well to colder climates and will continue to lay through the winter at a decreased rate. This makes the Plymouth Rock a great dual breed for both egg and meat production.

The temperament and character of the Plymouth Rock leaves little to be desired. They rarely get broody though they make excellent mothers. They are pretty docile and will get along well with people and other animals, as well as each other. This makes them pretty easy to handle and easy to rear. While tame and friendly, this is not to say they are not smart and plucky when they want to be.

All in all, Plymouth Rocks are a great breed for newcomers to smallholding or beginners to chicken rearing.