A Guide to Chicken Breeds: Orpington

Hailing from the English town from which they take their name; Orpington are bred for their good level of egg production and excellent quality of meat. The original Black Orpington was first bred at the turn of the 19th century and was an instant success. They soon spread across the globe and spawned many local varieties.

The Orpington is a fairly large breed; they weigh in at between 7 to 10lb or 3 to 4kg. Orpingtons come in a number of different colours ranging from black to white. They are pretty good layers and average about 3 large brown eggs each week. Due to their size, they are also bred for meat production making them a great dual breed.

Orpington’s are also well known for their friendly and calm nature. They are docile and rarely flighty which makes them ideal for back garden rearing. Orpingtons get along well with other chickens, pets and people. The breed is also well known for going broody easily and when their eggs do hatch; they make fantastic mothers. Come winter, Orpingtons are resilient against the harsh weather conditions and adjust well to any climate.

Orpingtons are a well-loved breed and, as such, has become a very common sight among smallholdings. They’re a great choice for anyone looking to rear poultry for whatever reason.