A Guide to Chicken Breeds: Leghorn

If its eggs you want; leghorns are the breed for you. Originating from the Tuscany region of Italy in the early 1800s, leghorns are some of the most prolific layers amongst chickens and lay large white eggs almost all year round. They average one a day with egg production dropping slightly in the winter but unhampered by broodiness as leghorns rarely get broody. Though they are idea for those who egg production is their priority; there are other aspects of the breed you should bear in mind.

While they are great layers, their temperament can be much less welcoming than other breed. They can be friendly but more often than not they are nervous and flighty. Most will actively try to flee from humans and may take a while to adjust to life around both people and other animals.

Though they can be shy and jumpy; they are remarkably hardy and are unfazed by colder conditions. They are a medium sized bird weighing in at around 3kg or 6-7lbs. While white is by far the most popular colouring for leghorns; they come in a wide and varied selection of colours.

Due to their inept laying abilities; it’s easy to see why the leghorn is the most popular chicken breed in America for egg production. Given the right environment; these birds can easily become a valued member of any smallholding.