A Guide to ATV Feeders

To keep game birds as wild as possible while keeping them on your land can be quite a challenge. Too much contact can lead to them being more difficult to flush out and a degree of domestication which has no value on a shoot. Leaving them to their own devices can cause its own issues with the birds taking off for greener pastures nearby. A great solution to this problem is to use ATV feeders to limit human contact while keeping the birds happy.


The feeder, built to order, attaches to the back of your ATV vehicle of choice including quad bikes, mules, gators, Kubotas or even your 4x4. It allows you to spread the birds’ feed over a selected route or area. Once attached; fill the hopper with your chosen feed (add aniseed based products to keep game birds coming back) and begin distributing it across the route. The feed rate can be adjusted, from the wiring loom attached to your handlebars, if you would like to give a specific patch along the route a greater feeding or less as the case may be. The spread can also be manually adjusted to match the route or to your own preferences for feedings.

Birds are Wilder

As the feed is spread across a route and not dispensed at a specific location; this keeps the birds feeding as they would in the wild. With a sparse human presence, the birds don’t begin to associate humans with getting fed and their natural instinct to fear humans remains in tack. When it comes to being flushed out by beaters for a shoot; they are more likely to take flight in a nice spread which is ideal for those taking aim. It allows for your birds to be fed by someone else if they need to be; game birds fed by hand tend to get used to one person. You will also see a significant saving in time as all you need to do is fill up the hopper and off you go on your route.  

Great Variety

Our ATV feeders are the original and the best; we supply three different feeders to cover what you need to cover your route. The Solway Mobile Feeder has a recommended holding capacity of 60kg and is ideal for short to medium routes. It fits many ATVs and is especially effective mounted on the back of a quad bike. The Solway Mule Feeder is the next level up and can hold up to 200kg of feed. It can be fitted to the carry spaces of a Gator, Polaris, Kubota and even 4x4 pickups. For those looking for the capacity of the Mule Feeder but for use with a quad bike or an ATV without the suitable carrying space; the Solway Trailfeeder is ideal. It holds up to 200kg of feed but comes in the form of a trailer as opposed to a mounted system.

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With an ATV feeder for every situation, you will soon be setting a route and keeping the birds wild.