Galvanized Tube Feeder Assembly

Here's our guide to the assembly of our Galvanized TubeFeeders The the 20Kg version is used in the photos below but this instructions apply to all of our varieties of galvanised tube feeder.

Step One

Set up; your kit for the assembly should include; a bolt, a washer, 2 curved metal plates, a black plastic base, a metal pole, an R clip, a metal bar and the main feeder part itself. The only tool you need for the assembly is mallet.

Step Two

Combine the bolt and washer

Step Three

Thread the bolt with washer attached through the hole in the centre of the plate. This plate should face with the curve pointing upwards and the bolt coming through from the other side.

Step Four

Line the plate with the bolt through it up with the hole in the plastic base. The curve of the base should also point upwards to correspond with the plate.

Step Five

Place the second metal plate on top of the base with the bolt going through it too (corresponding curvature)

Step Six

Screw the pole into the plastic base.


Step Seven

Fit the bar into the main body of the feeder. There should be hole in the feeder wall to correspond with the bits on the bar.

Step Eight

Once the bar is in place, use a mallet to hammer down the bits sticking out through the feeder to keep the bar secure.

Step Nine

Attach the main body to pole. The two internal bars should have holes matched up for the pole to go through them.

Step Ten

Add the R clip on to the pole beneath the top bar to set the height of the feeder. This will control the flow.


Step Eleven

Place either your lid or top hat rain cover on top of the feeder.