Dry Plucking and Game Poultry

With the game season well underway and Christmas fast approaching; plucking game and poultry birds is a task many of us are, or will soon be, undertaking. With plucking by hand being a time consuming process and wet plucking dramatically reducing a bird’s shelf-life; a dry plucking machine has many advantages over more traditional methods and is a must for anyone who’ll soon be tasked with plucking a number of birds.  

Usually dunking a pheasant in hot water for a minute before getting to the actual task of plucking? In the time that it takes to dunk a single pheasant, not even including the pluck itself, you could already have one fully plucked pheasant ready to go. That’s the sort of time saving you’re looking at with a dry plucking machine and not just with pheasants either; almost any bird can be plucked with a dry plucking machine.

Using a dry plucking machine is an easy way to gain a high quality finish. As the machine removes all feathers and down, this leaves very little to be done to have the bird ready for the kitchen (though some singeing may be required). This is achieved by the machine’s ability to reach even the most inaccessible spots.

Due to the use of hot water; wet plucking can drop the shelf life of any birds plucked using this method. The dry plucking machine requires little preparation and ensures that any bird plucked will maintain a good shelf life.

The dry plucking machine works by holding your bird of choice (be it chicken, duck, pheasant or grouse to name a few) to the set of dishes on machine. These pluck the feathers which are then sucked away, along with any dust or down, and collected in the bag attached.

Here at Solway Feeders, we supply dry plucking machines to suit any size of operation; these range from the inexpensive yet very effective Pluka Dry Plucking Machine to the premium Quick 11 Super-Fast Dry Plucker and The Superwind Dry Plucker. For mid-sized operations, we supply our own brand Solway Dry Plucker which is used by shoots and poultry rearers all over the country. Each of our dry plucking machines come with a 1 year guarantee, instructions and ear protectors.