This 20mm white polytape is shot through with five 0.20mm stainless steel conductors, and its clever woven construction means that many of the charge carrying wires are exposed at any given point. The design is simple, with red central and black outer bands to make it highly visible as a warning to both humans and animals alike. Unlike steel wires or thin polywires, once they have been shocked once with white polytape, livestock and vermin will take active steps to avoid touching the conspicuous warning colours for a second time, and it works well as a preventative measure once animals have been exposed to it for a very short time. The UV resistant materials in the tape are flexible and extremely strong, and 20 mm white polytape has a breaking strain of 185kg. A low resistance rate of 0.12ohms/m mean that it a very efficient conductor across long distances, making it suitable for use on longer fences and electric circuits. 20mm white polytape is supplied in a roll of 200 metres.

Product code: 3718


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