This complete starter kit is perfect for the first time poultry keeper, and once it has been properly set up, you can be sure that your birds will be safe and sound inside the wide sixty foot by forty foot enclosure. Using mains electricity to power the energiser gives the netting a stronger and more consistant voltage, and the bother of recharging and replacing batteries is avoided altogether. Well insulated wires mean that very little voltage will be lost as the power passes through the net, and clearing vegetation away is unnecessary. At the same time, the voltage is easily discharged when the net is touched by a predator, and the fifty metre net is capable of packing a powerful punch.

The kit consists of a red HLC120 mains or 12v battery energiser, which can either be kept inside for mains power, or outside with a 12v leisure battery (not supplied). A complete fifty metre poultry netting kit, with 4 corner posts, guys, pegs, ground skewers and a "warning" sign. Fence tester. The kit now includes the Hot Gate system to allow easy entry without turning off the power.

If you are running an electric net from mains electricity, you will need to buy a length of insulated lead out cable to connect the net to the energiser. If more than twenty five metres of cable are needed, more can be bought (in units of twenty five metres) here. As an extra bonus, we also include an audible warning electric fence tester, to allow you to check the net once everything is set up and working.


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