The Gemini HLC120 is an extremely powerful energiser for medium sized and permanent paddocks or gamebird release pens. The fact that it can be run off mains electricity or battery power makes it truly versatile, and the quality british made unit is capable of packing a strong punch in any circumstance. Designed for longer fences, the hlc120 can run up to five 50m poultry nets in a single circuit, and given that it can power up to twelve kilometres of electric wire, the hlc120 really is an effective solution to larger scale electric fencing. This energiser comes complete with easy to use crocodile clips, and once it has been set up correctly, the gemini is one of the most reliable units on the market. to run the hlc120 from mains electricity, the energiser should be kept indoors and connected to the fence or netting using a lead out cable. We provide these cables in lengths of twenty five metres, and they are very easy to set up and install. For battery operation, the hlc120 runs on a simple 12 volt 85 amp battery which is not included. to use the energiser with battery power, attach the unit securely to a vertical wooden post in a location that is both safe and easily accessible. We also recommend that you consider buying an earth stake when running this energiser off battery power to ensure that the unit is safely grounded.

For more details and specifications, see below: operating voltage: 240v or 12v output (joules): 1.2j, output (volts): 7500v power consumption: 2w, wire distance: 12km earth stake: not included solar panel: n/a switches and buttons: none indicator light / sound: yes, yes battery storage: n/a suitable batteries: recommended 85ah leisure battery 12v lightning protection circuit: yes warranty: 2 year country of manufacture: uk dimensions: 190mm x 80mm x 50mm.

Product code: 3735


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