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In readiness for professional pest controllers in private and public sectors, farmers, land managers and gamekeepers having to show proof of competence when purchasing professional use rodenticides under the forthcoming rodenticide stewardship regime, a list of 14 CRRU approved certificates has been released.

Five approvals are of ‘grandfather’ certificates from courses no longer taking place now ratified as appropriate to stewardship conditions: For example, RSPH Level 2 Certificate in Pest Control (2000 – 2004). One new and seven current certificates, plus one more included as an approved update, make up the total.

The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) has been empowered by HSE for the stewardships regime’s development and implementation, funded 100% by the industry. 

Training courses are reviewed for approval by the CRRU Training and Certification Work Group. To gain approval, they must cover 13 specific content elements and 11 training process attributes .

The course gaining new approved status is Rat Control for Gamekeepers, while CRRU Wildlife Aware gained approved status as an update, both being accreditied by BASIS. An important distinction, explains CRRU chairman Dr Alan Buckle, is that Wildlife Aware is not a stand-alone certificate, but serves as a custom-made update for those who need to top up a time-expired basic certificate to approves status, or feel like they want to update themselves because they have an existing approved certificate that was obtained some time ago.

Under the Stewardship regime, professional use rodenticide labels will state, ‘For supply to and use only by professional users holding certification demonstrating that they have been trained according to the UK second generation anticoagulant rodenticide (SGAR) stewardship programme requirements’.

This will apply to professional pest control companies and technicians, staff of local authorities who carry out routine rodent pest control, farmers, land managers and gamekeepers. According to an information document published by HSE in January this year, form 1 June 2016 only holders of an approved certificate will be able to buy professional SGAR products.