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30ltr Hopper Assembly Plastic Legs

30ltr Plastic Hopper Drinker Plastic Legs


Fit the rubber feet to the bottom of the legs


Attach the trough support by inserting the tabs through the slots in the legs, the ridge inside the trough holder is at the bottom.

Secure by finger tightening the plastic wing nuts.


Fit the trough into the trough holder


Fit the black seal onto the output pipe on the white hopper


Fit the hopper into the frame by pushing down


The hopper can now be filled with water and the cap secured (make sure the cap has a rubber washer inside)

Once the cap is secure the rubber seal on the output pipe can be lifted up the spout until the hole in the spout is visible.

The trough will now fill with water.

Remember to lower the seal before removing cap for refilling