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Prevent & Stop Feather Pecking

Among flocks of poultry and gamebirds, feather pecking is a very serious issue that leads to as many as 220,000 poultry bird deaths each year in the UK. Feather pecking can be light and inquisitive (something that is not really an issue) or heavier and more damaging (this is where the problems occur). Leaving feather pecking unchecked can cause pain in the bird(s) receiving the pecking, loss of feathers, breaking of the skin and bleeding, which can lead to cannibalism and death. There are many methods for both the prevention and control of feather pecking, it’s a case of choosing which is best for you and your flock.


When it comes to prevention, there is no sure-fire method of preventing it though implementing a few of these may go a long way:


When the first signs of feather pecking present themselves, there are a few methods for control that you can implement:

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