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Solway Feeders only sells traps which have passed legal examination and have received government approval, and our own design of Mk.4 and Mk.6 Solway Spring Traps were shown to easily exceed minimum requirements for the capture of everything from rats and mice to weasels and grey squirrels. We also sell a variety of other spring traps for moles and American designed Magnum Traps for mink.

We stock a variety of different live catch cage traps, and our unique range of circular Multi Larsen Traps are very popular amongst gamekeepers and conservationists who want to protect wild birds and animals from destructive crows and magpies.

Our wide range of rat and mouse poisons is suitable for use in a variety of different circumstances, and everyone from smallholders to farmers will find what they are looking for amongst the various different types and specifications of bait and poison available for sale on this site.

We offer full guidelines for the humane and legal operation of all traps on our website, just follow the links through on the various pages, or call us for more information on anything from squirrel traps to fox traps.

Recently updated information on the new WaNE (Scotland) Act 2011 and how it relates to fox and rabbit snaring in Scotland can be found Here.

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  • Rattimor pastal bait tray
  • easily terminates rodents
  • active ingredient bromadiolone
£1.25 Each (incl VAT)
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