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Our vast range of feeders are suitable for poultry, game birds,pigeons, ducks, geese, turkeys and wildfowl.  Many of our best selling products were designed by our own team of experts, who have a great deal of practical experience regarding what is needed to make simple and reliable feeders. We can supply feeders in sizes from half a kilo to over a hundred kilos in capacity.

Over the past twenty three years, we have built a reputation for supplying high quality poultry and game feeders, and our classic Solway Self Feed Hopper has become a familiar sight on shoots across the entire UK. This is also suitable for larger poultry flocks.

The Solway Blenheim Feeder, which is one of the simplest and most efficient feeders on the market is one of our best sellers, a quality product made in the UK. We also stock a wide variety of hard-wearing Outdoor Feeders which are designed to be durable and practical.

Our automated and mobile feeders increase in popularity every year, and we are particularly proud of our Automatic Feeders, designed and built in our works at Dundrennan. The Solway Mobile Feeder is also one of our most popular products in this area, and we now design and manufacture a range of mobile feeders which are compatible with any ATV or offroad vehicle.

Each of these high quality units is manufactured specifically for you, so before you order, why not give us a ring on 01557 500 253.