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At Solway Feeders we stock some of the best lamps and torches on the market, from internationally respected makers such as Deben & Cluson. We also now stock the latest technology lamps including High Intensity LED lamps and Lithium Ion batteries.

The new Lithium Ion batteries are a fraction of the weight of the old sealed lead acid batteries, and they give a constant output until discharged. 

Popular lamps include the Cluson LA series and the LEDRay Tactical 700 Hunting Lamp Kit.

Filters are a useful accessory when animals become wary of the light, and the Hunting Lamp Filters section has filters for most of our lamps

All of our products have been tried and tested by various members of staff, so if you need help or advice, then just send an email to mail@solwayfeeders.com or give us a ring on 01557 500253.